Thursday, 27 September 2012

Raw & Cooked Food for Baby (tomato gazpacho and roasted potatoes)

I made gazpacho this summer with tomatoes, onion, bell pepper and parsley from the graden then added garlic, celeri, cucumber and apple. It can be lovely with nectarines or pear and pretty much any herb or even chopped spinach. You can easily add quinoa too. Which brings me to talking about Raw & Cooked. Notice it's not Raw vs Cooked (that title is perhaps for another day).

Choose the best of all worlds for your baby! Look at what others are doing and do not judge them. Decide what you want to do and do it! Be proud of your decisions and for taking health at heart. Be grateful of the abundance of foods (and other things, people, information, ressources...) you have ACCESS TO!
Multiply your sources of information i.e. don't rely on only one.

I've just summed up my philosophy about a lot of things. So now on to the tomatoes...

I blended some leftover cold tomato soup and froze it for Guillaume to have in the Fall : )  Yes, my tomato season is officially over. Having been mixing it to carrot puree these past few times I wanted to do something different today for his lunch. Grabbed roasted potatoes from the fridge, mashed them with a fork and assistance of freshly boiled water, before removing the pieces of peel.

Pouring in gazpacho made this all very liquid so thickening with cereal was necessary. I added a baby spoonful of chia seed, stirred in well and finally, added heaping 1 Tbsp of dehydrated cooked oatmeal cereal (pablum). 

Note that I no longer keep chia gel in the fridge because my baby has moved up on the textures ladder. Also, I have begun introducing nuts which can be done - with some caution and a milling blade - after 6 months of age.

More about that in my next post! 

Enjoy your raw baby food experimenting and please share about your experiments in the comments area!

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