Monday, 18 June 2012

Raw Green Bean Puree That Isn't Stringy

Today, I'll show you how I make raw string bean puree.  For my first baby, I made his food the regular way, steaming or boiling veggies and then smoothing them with the blender. Raw foods can cause constipation and some people, including babies of course, are more sensitive. My next post will be about how to help your baby be more "regular" in a raw way. Offering daily doses of water is evidently important, once baby is introduced to solids.

String beans are often one of the first vegetables introduced. I buy frozen beans for a couple of reason: they are less coarse, have a softer texture and are more carefully pre-selected than the fresh ones in the produce section of any supermarket I've been to. Whole frozen fruits and vegetables are almost as nutritious and may even be fresher if they were flash frozen the same day they were picked at the farm. Also think of any transportation time. If you happen to have them fresh in your garden, like we will within a month or so, I think they would make excellent raw baby food but I have not yet tried this. Here's what our bean plants look like right now:

Another way to use frozen produce is once you have thawed berries in the fridge, you can pour the resulting liquid into your baby's cereal. That is pure tasty antioxidant power, without seeds and cooking!

So here's how I make frozen string bean puree, I measure 3 cups of beans, place in blender end add 1/2 cup previously boiled hot water. Blend to a liquefied state and voilà, it is that easy!

I quite like the baby cube system to freeze but any covered ice tray can do the job. Cover how? There's a perfect use for an empty bread bag! 

Watch the video below for another eco-baby-food-bag-re-using TIP! ; )

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