Thursday, 21 June 2012

1- Summer 2- Heat 3- Wave!

WHOA! is it just me or is it hot in here?

Some ways to keep you and your kiddies cool and well hydrated:

  • keep pitchers in the fridge so you remember to drink plenty of cool water, iced herbal tea, diluted juice; avoiding sugars and caffeine
  • put on a dampened t-shirt; this is great for young children or toddlers when you don't have AC (people in the desert do this) you can even try wearing wet socks to bed
  • clothes blinds on South side of your home or office and avoid that solar thermal effect
  • stay in the coolest place of your home i.e. basement
  • stick a bottle of skin lotion in the fridge and after at least half an hour, moisturize!
  • wear ligh coloured flowing clothing - specifically avoiding black, dark blue and red if you will be out in the sun
  • take a cool foot bath
  • place a bucket of ice or ice packs by your fan
  • avoid using the kitchen oven, clothes dryer, plug-in kettle or any other heat source
  • turn off electronics
  • eat watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, oranges and other thirst quenching raw fruits and vegetables
  • avoid constipating foods like dairy or bananas
  • if you really can't stand the heat in your appartment go to a mall or cafe where the air is cooled
  • kids complaining? make paper fans!
  • once the sun sets go for a stroll barefoot in the grass
  • imagine yourself making snow angels naked

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