Thursday, 21 June 2012

PRUNE Water to Ease Baby's Constipation

"Prunes — or dried plums — are considered one of the healthiest foods there is, but exactly why are prunes good for you? And why are prunes good for constipation? This article discusses the health benefits of eating prunes, including their ability to relieve constipation, provide antioxidant protection, prevent pre-mature aging, promote cardiovascular health, and reduce the risk of cancer and osteoporosis."

As long as the plums were dehydrated at temperatures below 112-118F the resulting prunes are considered raw. Now, as promised within my last post on raw baby food, I'm sharing the PRUNE WATER recipe I use to ease my baby's constipation, all you need are prunes and water:
  1. cut a prune into 3 or 4 pieces
  2. Place in empty measuring cup
  3. add 1 cup hot freshly boiled water, stir
  4. let sit for 15-20 minutes or longer
  5. filter the water and pour into glass baby bottle (idealy, as it can tint plastic) I use a tea strainer
  6. let cool or refrigerate
This is very gentle yet powerful. When your baby is eating solids and when you are experiencing hot and humid weather, it's crucial to increase his water consumption. Prune water is sweet tasting so odds are he'll drink more than just plain water.

Adults need water too and most of us don't drink enough. Non-caffeinated herbal teas can count toward the daily recommended 8 to 10 glasses and you can use the filtered prune to add flavour to your tea. Did I hear you say mmmmm healthy iced tea? ...I usually steep dried ginger and lavender flowers along with the residual strained prune and offering a slight sweetness and perhaps additional antioxidant benefits.

I want to quickly add that prune juice is also very effective in easing constipation and healthier than over-the counter medications or supositories, in my opinion, BUT any store-bought juice is previously pasteurized (cooked) and may contain chemical additives as well as unwelcome white sugar. Choose your actions wisely as they all have consequences. (I keep repeating this to my 14 year old step son as of late!)

I wish you to stay well hydrated and have a HAPPY SUMMER!!!

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