Thursday, 15 August 2013

Marinated Eggplant Instead of Salad Dressing

Begin with the ingredients as you see here: one small eggplant, a couple of garlic cloves, half a tomato, ratio 1:3 raw apple cider vinegar and vegetable oil (cold pressed olive or grapeseed are best), sea salt and finally, fresh herbs like chives and rosemary if you have them.

You can certainly make a larger quantity but it should be consumed within one week. If you want to keep longer, ensure that the vegetables in the jar are submerged in liquid and omit the fresh tomato, use sundried or dehydrated instead.

Chop the tomato and garlic. Put in glass jar, add chopped eggplant. My pieces are quite large and I left the skin on but you can chop more finely and peel if that is your preference. Add other ingredients to fill the jar. Put the lid on and shake it up. Refrigerate and help yourself next day for lunch.

This recipe goes a long way! Watch...

Once you have had a serving or two, add to the jar other types of vegetables such as steamed asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli and/or portobello mushroom. Let that marinate until your next meal.

Combined with a homemade raw cracker, every bite is fabulously different!

 Later in the week, when your jar contains just a few pieces of vegetables but still some liquid, prepare a few hard boiled eggs, remove the shell and add to the jar. Along with some crackers and a salad, this makes a protein and enzyme packed meal you can carry.

How many meals was that?

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