Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Daily Toxicity

We know about toxicity which can be




We forget though, those toxins that can be self-induced.

Emotional boundaries are thus required and recommended.

As individuals, living in society, we are exposed to conditions that are out of our control. We can however, make choices and have some control over what we put in our mouths and what information we choose to be exposed to.

Toxins are everywhere. How much toxicity can you handle? Likely, you are exposed currently to more than you think but the tipping point... Where is it? What causes sickness? What causes tiredness? you might have heard people recently say "I feel like I'm always in overdrive". Maybe my body has been talking to me for a while.... I can assist you in listening.

In the body, toxins tend to accumulate in fatty cells. When you run meridians down your arm, on the fleshy parts between your armpit and elbow, you may feel lumps and I can almost guarantee you that those are accumulated toxins.

You may already know that spring is a good time to cleanse toxins from inside out. Following a naturopath's guidelines will set you on the good path for internal cleansing. She might say that to cleanse properly you need a few diet changes (to control candida per example, like I needed to do first), herbal supplements such as oregano oil and a recommendation to get more sleep. Proper oiliation of the skin according to your body type (internally as well as externally) is important, massage helps to move the toxins into the blood stream while the oil assists in expelling them. Exfoliating skin with a natural cloth in an epson salt bath is also a detoxing activity. If you have a sedentary lifestyle like me, perhaps consider incorporating chiropractic care to your routine as well as regular exercise to keep your nervous system thriving, since it not so obviously affects emotional, psychological, mental and hormonal health as well as physical health.

I detoxed for a long period last year while I balanced my candida overgrowth and eventually found myself demineralized. This experience is guiding me to learn about various body types, or constitutions, called doshas in ayurvedic medicine. My dosha (vatta/air) apparently does not thrive on the raw diet. Yet spring is a good time to incorporate more fresh, locally grown, raw produce to your diet along with plenty of stews, some grains, lean meats and hearty soups. Moving away from cold weather, it is the best time of year to review your sources of sugar and carbohydrates intake too. I'm grateful and feel lucky to have access to the internet as a tool to inform and be informed, it helps me find recipes, tips and to connect with awesome people like fellow blogger Toni Sicola in California, but from Texas, who offers tentalizing gluten free recipes and well founded health management advice.

What do you do daily to fight toxicity?

Do you have a regimen for keeping your emotions clean too? If not a, Forensic Healing session with me will benefit you and exceed your expectations when we energetically identify past traumas and beliefs you still hold that do not serve your growth and can actually impede on your springtime detoxification efforts.

Forensic Healing consultation at Herb Fest in 2013

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