Thursday, 23 August 2012

To be or not to be raw baby?

Nobody said you have to choose, you can mix! That's what I do. Per instance, today I pureed raw yellow bell pepper, some tomato and will be adding mashed steamed carrots prior to freezing.

Here are some of my baby's favourite mixes:
  • plain greek yogurt & mango, pineapple, hemp hearts
  • any cooked puree & avocado
  • quinoa mix (peppers, bok choi, whatever) & tomato
  • cottage cheese & apple & berries (use mesh strainer) apples chunks are hard to see in the sauce... when feeding baby, check spoonfulls by squishing agains side of bowl
  • cooked green bean puree & banana
  • apple, mango, peach - oh wait - that's all raw!!! Bet you everyone in your house loves it ;-)
  • any puree & chia gel. chia gel is liquidy so I don't hesitate to keep the commercial cereal on hand because it is a great thickener.
  • hulled barley (one less manufacturing step than pearl) homemade cereal & apple & spaghetti sauce, ours isn't spicy, has beef
  • brown rice homemade cereal & spinach (or other raw) juice & pureed leftover zucchini boat (various veg, spices, olive oil) removing cheese and bread crumbs! ;-P
You can see now that the possibilities are endless and that it is not difficult to make your baby's healthy food while introducing a wide variety of vegetables.

Combinations are especially made easy when you have a small bullet type blender, a good knife and cutting board.
  Lucas and I are having a raw/cooked lunch too!

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